Attending School Events

Attending School Events and Visiting Students

Guardians UK have a policy of visiting all our students on a regular basis to establish a relationship. In this way our students know their Guardian and feel supported at all times. This assists in giving them the confidence to telephone or text us whenever they need assistance in any way.

Upon request, we also attend school events such as Sports days, Parents Evenings, Presentations, Commemoration and Prize-Giving Days to support our students and to represent parents who are unable to attend. 

We will assist if there are other needs, such as Educational Psychologist, Orthodontist or other appointments as necessary.

Arranging Visits to Future Schools, Universities and Advice

We are also here to help when it is time to find a future college or University applications and will attend meetings to provide assistance when required for our students.

We can offer advice about Colleges offering the required subjects and courses for your child, and will help with applications if required.

We organise visits to attend examinations and/or interviews at prospective colleges or universities, and will arrange private cars if required by the student or parent.

Schools and Colleges

Guardians UK have students under their Guardianship in many of the top boarding schools and colleges in the Southwest of England, and therefore have a good working relationship with the school Registrars, and boarding staff, enabling us to give appropriate advice as to which school will best suit your child, their ability, their interests and personality.