Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers: We offer transfers to and from the airport and host families by train, coach, taxi or personal driver. All our drivers are DBS checked.

Travel Form:   In accordance with UK Border Agency Regulations, we require the information of your child/student(s) travel at least three weeks before they are due to travel home, together with their return flight information at the end of the holiday.   Please see Travel Form.

Travelling as an Unaccompanied Minor: If your child/student is under the age of 16 years, you may wish to purchase the airline service to travel as an Unaccompanied Minor at the time of booking their flight. This means the airline staff will escort the student from the point of check-in at the airport of departure, through to meeting the member of staff who will collect the student at the airport of arrival. The member of our staff collecting or delivering the student to or from the airline staff will carry a Letter of Authorisation from Guardians UK.

Personal Driver:   We organise a driver to transfer the younger students to and from school to the airport, and offer a UM Service, escorting the student into the airport with their luggage, and assisting in the check-in process before handing over the student to the airline staff, or collecting the student from airline staff on their return. All our drivers are CRB checked and have full insurance.

Host Family bookings: If your child/student is not travelling home for the holiday period, we organise a host family to look after them for this period. Please see “Homestay Arrangements”.   We will book the transfer to and from the host family by car with a personal driver, taxi, train or coach depending upon the age of the student, and the family’s preference.

Travel Arrangements Form - Departure
Travel Arrangements Form - Arrival